Credit Monitoring

iAM Financially Poised requires EVERY client to maintain active credit monitoring while enrolled in the program. Credit monitoring is an important step to better credit and the cost is between $25-$32 a month depending on the credit monitoring service you select. 

Credit monitoring allows our team to track your progress during your credit repair journey. If you cancel or don't maintain your credit monitoring service,  you will be suspended from the program.

Active Bankruptcy

Should you have an active bankruptcy that has not been discharged or dismissed, we will be unable to service you at this time, unfortunately.


Once the bankruptcy is discharged or dismissed our team of Credit Repair Specialist would be more than happy to assist in the removal of the bankruptcy.


We kindly ask that before you enroll in our credit repair program, you are able to dedicate at least 48 hours to complete onboarding.


Unfortunately, we have a high volume of clients that register for our services, so it's important that our Customer Service Support Team get you onboarded as quickly as possible. 


Thus, the sooner you are able to complete onboarding, the sooner we are able to help you see an increase in your credit scores.


That's O.K. We can assist with budgeting as well! Ask us how!


Your audit fee of $207 will be charged to your card once your onboarding is completed.  If your onboarding is not completed within 48 hours of your portal being turned on, we will cancel your account with iAM Financially Poised.  Monthly payments are scheduled to begin a month after your audit fee is paid and is based on the date your score refresh takes place.  Should you need to change your monthly date you may make the request with your designated Credit Repair Specialist. Should you have any questions, please email

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