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Shannon Holmes

Shannon Holmes
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Shannon was born and raised in the big city of New York, and in 2013 Charlotte, NC became Shannon's home.  At a very young age, Shannon always knew her calling was to be an instrument in the lives of others. She attended York College, where she pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Education.  Shannon recently began a career in real estate and is now making dreams come true by helping clients through the process of purchasing and selling their homes. As Shannon met many people willing and ready to buy a home, she also realized many people often ran into the same obstacle which was not having the credit score necessary to buy a home.  Shannon wanted to do all she could to help others get over this obstacle so that’s when she decided to become a credit repair specialist with, iAM Financially Poised.  Shannon has become passionate about helping people achieve credit success so that they never have to worry about having any doors closed on them, whether it's buying a home, a car, or leasing an apartment. Anyone who knows Shannon will say she is patient, kind, dedicated, and hard-working. Whether it's helping you buy or sell a home, or repair your credit; Shannon will do everything to help you achieve your goal.

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