Poised Bootcamp

Hello! iAM Financially Poised is pleased to announce Poised Bootcamp! Are you ready to take control over your finances and finally feel financially confident and POISED? If so, join us in our three (3) month bootcamp where you will finally be able to take back control of your finances. In this program you will be equipped with the necessary tools, education and guidance to help you better budget your finances. Not to mention, you will have an accountability partner throughout your three (3) month journey to help push and encourage you along the way. Poised Bootcamp provides one-on-one private monthly budget workshops that focuses on helping you maintain your comprehensive specialized budget for your individual needs. We understand how managing a budget can be overwhelming and daunting; but with the right tools, education, guidance and accountability, you will be on your way to reaching your financial happiness. So, be at ease and allow us to assist you with securing a better financial future and reduce some of your stress by allowing us to coach you through the process. Oh and here's the best part! We will toast to your milestones and celebrate YOU each time you complete your monthly milestone! And I am not done yet- after you complete your three (3) month Poised bootcamp which focuses soley on budgeting, you can then register for our two (2) month debt elimination program!

60 Minute Workshop & Onboarding

During our 60 minute workshop and onboarding (which will either take place via video or telephone) we will spend time going over your financial goals. We will develop a financial goal for each of the three (3) months, including an emergency savings goal. Next, we discuss your concerns and weaknesses in relation to money management, as well as your habits and lifestyle. We will then go over the the list of questions that will be provided to you when you register for the program. The questionnaire will focus on your income and expenses. Finally, we will review the Poised Bootcamp Agreement.

Within five (5) business days of our workshop, you will be provided with a specialized budget plan! We will review the plan in detail to get you ready to kickoff your first month using your customized budget plan!

3 Monthly Budget Workshop Calls

Towards the end of each month a workshop will be hosted to provide you with ongoing support, education, and accountability. In addition, you will learn of your progress and changes/edits will be made to your specialized budget, if applicable. Most importantly, during the workshop, questions or concerns can be addressed. If you simply just need a listening ear, we can do that as well! We are here for you! Finally, to wrap up each workshop we will do goal-setting for the following month.

In month three (3), on or about the last day of the month, we will do an 'overall' review of the program and discuss where you made substantial improvements. Not to mention, we will cheers to your success! If you are located in Durham, NC or Miami, FL, the Founder/CEO, will personally treat you to lunch. If you are not located close by, don't worry, you will also get a small token for your accomplishments throughout the program.

Budget Building Tools

Poised Bootcamp will provide you with a specialized budget plan for the next three (3) months. Your specialized plan will be provided to you via GoogleDoc in an editable Google Spreadsheet for your convenience. It's user-friendly functions will allow you to make any changes in the event your finances change. You will also be provided with tasks to complete each month.

We will use these tools during the full duration of the three (3) month program. Finally, be at ease knowing you have unlimited email/text support.

Sis, Are You Ready?!

As your financial coach, I will guide and help you develop habits that are necessary in order for you to succeed financially. I will also EMPOWER you to achieve more than you may have been able to achieved on your own. The golden rule of money management is that you must not spend more than you earn! Now although you will not spend more than you earn, that does not mean you cannot do the things you love! You can still have a little fun! One of my key roles is to identify normal and abnormal spending for each of your expenses, and then come up with ways to help you save money. I am here to provide you with a specialized budget plan that fits perfectly into your financial goals, lifestyle, habits and priorities. Now are you ready for the fun to begin!

iAM Financially Poised, LLC

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