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Lisa Sweat 

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Hello! My name is Lalisa Sweat, Esq., the founder/CEO of iAM Financially Poised, LLC. I am a North Carolina native and an experienced licensed attorney. I bring an array of knowledge from my experience gained while working in the banking industry over the span of eight years. Additionally, I've successfully used the knowledge learned from my tenure at various banking institutions to educate, advocate and serve the community in assisting with credit and budget needs. 

I established iAM Financially Poised with the goal to educate and provide financial services, including credit repair, restoration, and credit counseling, to those who want to become financially free. 

Often times when thinking of investing, saving for retirement and other financial goals our thoughts of these things gets lost in the shuffle of our busy lives and we often put them on hold. Because I understand these challenges on a profound level and have spent most of my life learning how to become financially secure- I am dedicating myself to helping people who are facing similar challenges when it comes to budgeting, saving, eliminating debt and overall understanding the importance of financial literacy. So my question to you:  Are you ready to become financially Poised?!

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